Whether you're looking to have long range wireless networks or surround sound installation done, we're experts at delivering the finest equipment and service at Centerline Surveillance. Whether you are looking to install a network that can effectively cover all the computers in your business operations or you are seeking to bring wireless service to a remote location, wireless networks can be a godsend.  An added bonus to this type of network is cost. It is comparatively low-cost especially in association with other computer networks. If you're an audiophile, you should definitely get to know us. Our surround sound installation will give your recordings a quality you never dreamed was possible. Local folks in Houston, Pasadena, League City, and Friendswood, TX may be surprised to know we're nearby and a short drive away.
Investment in surround sound installation is extremely desirable to folks whose audio playback matters to them. The richness of surround sound can't be denied when it comes to quality playback. This is a system that can give your favorite recording cinema sound quality. Long range wireless networks are one of the best ways to include satellite offices, extend connectivity in other remote situations. It is also a low-cost way to extend your internet reach. At Centerline Surveillance, we offer quality service and installations of audio equipment, wireless connectivity, home entertainment equipment, as well as security and surveillance systems.
If long range wireless networks or surround sound installation is something you need, call to schedule an appointment for an estimate or installation today. We are a local team of experts who are proud of our work and who have a vast knowledge of the industry from years of experience. We accept all major forms of payment. We're always ready to deliver high-quality equipment and service to our friends and neighbors!

Long Range wireless networks